A design-build firm in “Expansion” stage with the vision of taking its product and services global, as well as increasing domestic presence with an efficient sales team and processes


The firm was incorporated in 2014 offers the following services- traditional design, build and PMC services, BIM services and apps for PM.
The main goal is to expand operation in the major metropolitan cities in India & international expansion for 1 service line which includes identification of market and GTM. after which we would launch a new product in existing and new markets.

Business Challenge:

The main challenges include- the absence of an efficient sales team, lack of a defined process to set up which in turn led to minimum information on the sales cycle & conversion rates were unknown. The sales team could not match the vision of the firm, to add to this there was lack of online presence.

Gosonix Solution:

We started with identification of target market and industry vertical, through a rigorous market research. after which the right partners are chosen, people are hired and trained within the sales team. Set up a full proof sales process with review mechanism, after competitor analysis the target segment and positioning were defined, in order to make online presence wider digital marketing strategy was developed.

Business Outcome:

The new markets and GTM were identified, after which a fully functioning and self-sustaining sales team was set up consisting of 3 IS and 3 additional FS personnel, Sales tools were installed to enhance sales process along with Focused roles, KPI’S, dashboards and a clear incentive policy with a full proof marketing plan to ensure visibility & online presence. Recruitment of a marketing executive was done after which KT was given to them.