Our Approach/ Methodology

Startups typically face unique challenges at every stage of growth. From our diverse experience, we have developed a set of frameworks that are aligned to address pain points at each stage of business growth. By customising these frameworks at the granular level, we address issues that are unique at each stage of a business and specific to the industry.

For instance, at the fledgling stage, startups have high dependency on fewer customers, with limited scope for repeat business. Some of the challenges faced are around lack of a proper organisational structure and team and severe cost pressures. Here, putting up basic sales structure and process in place is of top priority.

At the expansion stage, the focus is predominantly on gaining traction and existing market penetration. This means that their sales teams need to scale rapidly to cover adequate ground backed by the right process, tools and review mechanism in place.

Next is the rapid growth stage where the emphasis is on identifying and growing quickly within target markets, as well as finding new and emerging markets to help grow their revenue channels consistently. Here, the effort needs to focus on fine-tuning offerings, further identifying opportunities and creating a robust GTM.

Based on our experience and understanding of the startup space, we evaluate the situation to arrive at a problem statement, before embarking on the course correction.