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  • Subodh Kumar, Co-Founder
    We were looking to establish a robust sales engine and increase our visibility in the market. With Gosonix' expertise, we were able to qualify the leads better and close the deals faster. While deal progression was critical to us, they helped us set up the CRM process which brought about visibility in terms of every lead coming into the pipeline. The team had a clear vision for us and their diligence in working on the entire sales engine, helped us scale effectively
    Subodh Kumar, Co-Founder
  • Supratim Biswas, Chief Revenue Officer
    We were expanding and growing at a rapid scale, looking at a 3x growth within a year. We knew we needed a robust sales engine and an integrated sales and marketing process in place and that is when we decided to engage with gosonix to bring in their expertise in aligning our targets with/ to our people and process on the ground. After performing a detailed audit of our people and process, they identified critical gaps, its severity and helped us in plugging those gaps with their short term and long term recommendations. We believe that this engagement was critical for CleverTap at this stage of growth. It was a pleasure working with gosonix team
    Supratim Biswas, Chief Revenue Officer
  • Shashank Murali, Founder and CEO
    gosonix’ team was pivotal in bringing a structured sales approach at TapChief. They enabled us to explore new target markets and add value to our existing sales practice. We were looking for scalability and gosonix helped us design our sales organization structure to enable us to hire the right talent, onboard and train them, formulate their KRAs, KPIs, compensations, and benefits. They were key in setting up our end to end sales process
    Shashank Murali, Founder and CEO
  • Augustus Franklin Diraviam, CEO
    We were looking to ramp up the sales team and gosonix proved to be a true partner, enabling us to get significantly greater visibility and confidence in our sales process. They helped us streamline the sales process, their innovative thinking provided valuable insights into our target customer base. Their valuable inputs have energized our inside sales and channel sales approach. I will look forward to our continuing relationship with gosonix.
    Augustus Franklin Diraviam, CEO
  • Anil Kaul, CEO
    We had the pleasure of working with the gosonix team for defining and setting up our sales systems and processes. They provided excellent support at a fast pace and in an effective manner. I really appreciate their help and Input in making our sales organization more effective.
    Anil Kaul, CEO
  • Girish Rowjee, CEO
    With over a 1000 customers, 100% positive rating on client support and a steady flow of inbound leads, we seemed to be on track for growth. The only hurdle we identified was our conversion rate. Today, within a few months of engaging with gosonix, we have a comprehensive environment for scalable growth - with channels, field force, inside sales, joint complementary cloud offering, international expansion .... and importantly the yardsticks to measure all these. It is a pleasure working and learning together!
    Girish Rowjee, CEO
  • Bishal Lachhiramka, CEO
    For the international market, we realized that sales strategies which worked well in the domestic market were not as successful. That's when we engaged gosonix. The approach, the processes and the measurements was a revelation... some of it we are adapting for our domestic operations too
    Bishal Lachhiramka, CEO
  • Kishore Mandyam, CEO
    Four years into the business,Impel CRM was picking up pace and inbound leads were steady,but the challenges of growth were clear.Larger prospects wanted more face time for closure,while our funnel size was growing already.We needed help- and quickly,so we turned to gosonix.With their help,we hired a field sales team,trained them,managed them and brought the whole company in line with our GTM.The results showed within weeks:lesser effort on each case,larger closures and lesser challenges in sales operations.Our average deal size increased by 30% and our pipeline strengthened significantly,We'll certainly go back to them for our next rev of growth.
    Kishore Mandyam, CEO
    Impel CRM
  • Anish Reddy, CEO
    We engaged gosonix at a juncture when we needed to fortify our international expansion strategy through a combination of Inside Sales, Field sales and Channels. We found engaging with them very professional and gratifying. Their inputs were valuable and helped us streamline our sales initiatives
    Anish Reddy, CEO
    Capillary Technologies

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