A HR and Payroll software solutions firm wanted to launch a new product, in a new market


As a part of their product innovation strategy, they offer solution based on SAAAS model since 2009. initially targeting the MSME sector in India, now expanded to operation to MEA & S.E Asia, new products to enter new markets like MEA & SE Asia.

Business Challenge:

The main challenges include- the absence of an efficient sales team, lack of a defined process to set up which in turn led to minimum information on the sales cycle & conversion rates were unknown. The sales team could not match the vision of the firm, to add to this there was lack of online presence.

Gosonix Solution:

Revamped and aligned sales strategy with corporate goals, designed optimal process flows for lead research along with multi-touch lead management & field sales process. introduce concepts of nurturing and build a customized sales structure and define responsibilities for each role.

Business Outcome:

Efficient client acquisition was possible, sales enablement tools are installed to enhance sales process. An effective "cost of sales" structure was built. focused roles, KPI’S & dashboards were incorporated along with a clear incentive policy.